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SGX SOLUTIONS® - Specialty Gases- Helium Purification

sgx solutions

XEBEC’s He-3200 makes a compelling bottom line case. This compact, economical system efficiently recovers high-purity helium from contaminated off-gas streams. Fully skid-mounted and configurable for a range of sizes and market applications, our PSA- He-3200 is easily installed in almost any setting, offering a quick payback and ongoing returns.

The He-3200 combines patented rotary valve pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology and conventional beaded adsorbents with an optimized PSA cycle to deliver higher helium recovery performance than conventional PSA systems. The XEBEC He-3200 requires only one-quarter of the space of conventional PSA and, with only two valves, is simpler to operate.

The He-3200 provides a compact, economical solution for the recovery and recycling of helium in leak testing, metals deposition processes, fiber-optic and semiconductor manufacturing facilities..

SGX Solutions Advantages:

  • COMPACT - Fast PSA cycle allows adsorber vessels to be 5-15 times smaller than conventional PSAs
  • REDUCED INSTALLATION COSTS - Skid Mounted Unit, pre-loaded with adsorbents
  • RELIABLE - Proven proprietary two Rotary Valves with only 5-year intervals between servicing
  • IMPROVED PERFORMANCE - Advanced PSA Nine Adsorber Bed Design Triple equalization PSA cycle
  • SIMPLE TO OPERATE - Single Input for Rotary Valve and PSA Cycle Speed requires minimal signals.
  • LONG ADSORBENT LIFE - Optimal Process Cycle Design for opening & closing of ports.